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設計參考/Design Reference

USB 3.0 高清視頻流


 對于高清視頻攝像頭而言,壓縮和緩沖組件不僅成本高昂,還會占用大量的 BOM 空間。EZ-USB FX3 General Purpose Peripheral USB 3.0 controller could help solve their problems by eliminating the compression and buffering and allowing them to transmit HD 1080p60fps video over the 5 Gbps USB 3.0 standard.

Since video cameras come in multiple image sensors, different resolutions and frame rates, having a controller that was flexible and could communicate with literally any sensor or Image Sensor Processing (ISP) FPGA was a necessity.The FX3 has a x32, 100 MHz General Programmable Interface (GPIF) that can configure its timing to meet that of an Image Sensor or FPGA.

FX3 has a very robust whole product support package, including many relevant Application Notes, Videos, DVK with gerbers, schematics and ORCAD models, and a Software Development Kit that comes complete with 15+ example projects that closely mirror customer SW in a streaming video environment.The GPIF II Designer software is a Graphical User Interface that allows customers to adapt the GPIF timing to meet that of an FPGA or image sensor.This tool is easy-to-use and helps expedite and simplify the FX3 design in process.